Mold is a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately or else, it can cause a lot of health issues for you and your family. It can also decrease the value of your home. Make it a habit to check your home regularly through these tips.


Condensation often occurs in cold areas in your home and it is also one of the primary causes of mold. Look for condensation that appears in places such as metal pipes and windows, and any area in the attic that is cold to the touch.

Water Leaks

Mold relates to moisture so whenever there are water leaks, always check for mold. If you notice an unaddressed leak at the attic, more often than not, mold growth will happen. Always fix and address these leaks through proper roof maintenance regularly.

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Water Stains

When you see water stains on the ceilings, you can expect it will turn out to be mold if it’s not fixed and cleaned right away. This holds especially true if the stains that you see are yellowish in appearance. It can also appear in even darker colors – and if they do, it’s a major sign that you have mold.

Rust On Pipes, Nails, And Windows

Rust is never a good thing and it can easily cause mold. When rust shows up, this usually indicates that it is related to another water problem, such as a water leak, a water stain or condensation.

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What Can You Do About It?

Having this problem deserves immediate attention since it can result to health problems and it can damage your home structure. The first thing that you need to do is to get your home inspected. If the result shows mold in an area greater than 10 square feet, it's time to call in a professional mold remediation vendor.

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