Elementary Schools Near Bristow, Virginia


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Bristow is a community in Prince William County, Virginia, thus making this neighborhood under the Prince William County Public Schools or PWCS. PWCS is presently the second biggest school division in the state and the fourth biggest school system in Washington Metro Area.

Bristow Elementary Schools ~ Values and Belief

This outstanding school district aspires to make sure that every single student is a priority. Their vision revolves around teaching each child accountability, knowing their value as an individual and as a member of the society, making decisions in a collaborative process [sic], commitment, effective communication, and continuous improvement to maintain high quality education.

Bristow Schools ~ The Perfect Balance

A student’s time in elementary is all about making new discoveries and friends while learning more about the things that they need to grow up into a responsible and kind adult. However, this can also be a time of uncertainty for some kids and that is why it is crucial for you to enroll them in an established and reputable school with a working formula that balances academics, social activities, and the child’s overall development.

Prince William County Schools are known for having these qualities and more. Here’s a detailed look on the elementary schools near Bristow.

Bristow Run Elementary School

Bristow Run Elementary School is a highly rated school with an average of 9/10. It is located at 8990 Worthington Drive, Bristow, Virginia 20136 . Also known as BRES, it supports education development to almost 800 students and has 20:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

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Cedar Point Elementary School

Cedar Point Elementary School is located at 12601 Braemar Parkway, Bristow, Virginia 20136. It also has a school average of 9/10. There are a little over 750 students in Cedar Point Elementary with a students-to-teacher ratio of 20:1.

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Victory Elementary School 

Victory Elementary School is situated at 12001 Tygart Lake Drive, Bristow, Virginia 20136. Victory Elementary has about 950 students which attend this school, with a 19:1 students-to-teacher ratio. Like its neighboring elementary schools, it holds a 9/10 average ~ an above-average quality that sets Prince William County schools apart from other educational establishments.

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Piney Branch Elementary School

Piney Branch Elementary School is situated at 8301 Linton Hall Road Bristow, Virginia 20136. There are about 748 students enrolled at this school and has a rating of 8/10 with a students-to-teacher ratio of 21:1.

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