While staging houses with furniture is a definite plus, it can be a bit pricy. Here are some cheap and easy ways to make your home look even more inviting to homebuyers.

Put Away Your Personal Stuff

Not every buyer looking at a home for sale in Fairfax and Prince William County appreciates the fact that someone still lives there. Putting away the following things can help the buyers see themselves in your home. It also removes any distractions and places the focus on the home and all it’s features & benefits.

  • Pet’s things (toys, litter box, bowls)
  • Your medications, toothbrushes, and toilet accessories
  • Your children’s toys
  • Any knick-knacks and personal pictures 

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Create More Space

 Small, closed-in spaces are major turnoffs for buyers. Create the illusion of having a spacious area by: 

  • Putting away out-of-season clothes to make your closets look bigger
  • Putting away pieces of furniture that are useless in a room
  • Packing up the small appliances in your kitchen
  • Using light-colored curtains and/or wallpapers (sparingly)
  • De-clutter and organize everything!  *Less is more.

A Trendy Touch

Some buyers are paying attention to the small details and accents in a house. You can easily do this by just rearranging and adding the following:

  • Add a fresh bowl of fruit in the kitchen to promote good nutrition and good health
  • Put a comfortable chair near a window and books on side table
  • Place a welcoming mat at the front door

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Remember: Keep in mind that you’re trying to attract potential homebuyers in Fairfax and Prince William County the focus of staging and de-cluttering translates to fewer days on market and a higher selling price.

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