Painting is a challenging task for many homeowners, particularly to those who are new to this kind of thing. Worry no more because you’re about to discover the best tricks that can make your next painting project easy.

Knowing the Type of Paint

The first thing that you need to do is to make an effort to know and understand the different kinds of paint. Basically, there are two types—oil-based and water-based. A water-based paint dries faster and doesn’t smell as much as the former so it would be best to use this one. Also, it would be wise to invest on a really good paint. Stick with branded products because they yield lasting results.

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How Much Paint is Needed

One of the most common dilemmas is determining how many cans of paint you will need for your project. The general rule would be one gallon for every 350 sq. ft. of surface. Quick tip—always buy an extra quart for touch-ups. Also, never combine the old batch of paint with the new batch because it might not match or mix well together.

Is Primer Needed?

It depends. There are only three things that you would need a primer for. First, if you’re painting a light paint over a dark one. Second, if your walls are full of stains. Third, if your walls are full of patch marks. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and directly paint without a primer.

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The Order

(1) Clean surface area, particularly the dusty corners.

(2) Apply painter’s tape for areas that need it.

(3) Cover the ground with drop cloths.

(4) Cut corners, which means you stroke the corners and edges outwards and smooth it out with a vertical stroke to remove the spaces in between.

(5) Paint the room from top to bottom.

These are the some great points for a paint project at home. This is an inexpensive way to improve the look of your home, which can result to an instant increase in home value. If you’re planning to buy or sell a house in Northern Virginia, let me help you! Don’t hesitate to call me today. Feel free to email me too and  I will personally help you with what you need.

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