Summer is a time for outdoor barbecues and parties so make sure your backyard is ready and good to go with these easy and effective tips.

Clean Up The Grill

One of the most popular pieces of outdoor party equipment is the barbeque grill. Over the winter, it can accumulate a lot of dust. If the grill isn’t cleaned and stored properly, last summer's leftovers can be really hard to get rid of. A good oven spray will help a lot. Spray on a generous amount and let your grill sit in the sun for a few hours before attempting to scrub the food surface clean.  After cleaning and always before grilling food, let the grill set above the coals or gas fire for 5 minutes.  Let all the prior grilling residue burn and brush off with as steel brush.

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Clean Up The Yard

Clutter is not only unsightly but it can also be dangerous. Along with making sure that your children’s toys are picked up and put away, check for fallen branches and leaves. Also, check for dips or uneven areas in the lawn where a guest could twist an ankle.

Decorate Appropriately

Different holidays have themes that can be used to make your Northern Virginia home, yard and patio look its best. For everyday fun in the yard, situate tiki lamps in strategic spots to keep away flies and mosquitoes. Use brightly colored serving dishes, plates and napkins. You'll find an amazing array of them at your local discount store.

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Invite Friends And Family To Share The Fun

Parties are only as good as the people around you. Invite friends and family to make a fun Northern Virginia house party even better. 

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