When you sell your home, you want it look as good as possible. To do this, you need a real estate agent that can either give you tips or hire a professional stager to help you stage it. This means de-cluttering your living space, re-arranging furniture, and de-personalizing each room.

A staged home is more appealing to buyers and helps to highlight your home’s positive features. However, staging is not meant to cover major flaws of your property. Some things just need to be repaired.

Roof Problems

It doesn’t matter how pretty your home is, your buyer is going to expect you to fix roof problems or adjust your price to cover them. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and it can decrease or increase its value. So make sure to fix it so you can sell your home for top dollar.

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Cracked Tile

Of course, you can throw rugs to cover cracks in your tile, but chances are your buyers are going to look under them. They may think you are trying to hide a serious problem like a shifting foundation. Save yourself the headache and have your floors fixed.

Broken Windows

You have to expect your buyers to walk around your home checking out the views from the windows. They’re going to notice cracks. If you have the budget, consider upgrading your windows and making your home more marketable. At the very least, you should have the glass replaced.

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Torn Screens

If you have torn screens, your buyers may think you don’t take care of your property. Screens are fairly easy to fix on your own. With the right supplies from your local hardware store, you can have new ones in less than a day.

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